Talk to the Children

A delightful way of building loving hearts and minds…

Christian short stories for children, as told in Switzerland


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Table of Contents

Of small jobs and big jobs

A fun story about sharing housework and fairness

The man who sold caps

Teaches a child to always think before imitating others

The lost kitten

A story about belonging, about being God’s children

The farmer and the donkey

God shows us he can use anything and anybody to do His work; He can even use you and me.

Of hard tasks and easy ones

We never know what anybody else’s job is like, until we have to do it ourselves

Dr Crab

A perfect little story to teach about guilt and forgiveness

The woodcutter

A delightful tale about being happy with what you have

The four-legged chicken

What God has created is good as it is: let’s not change it.


A hilarious story to help kids remember, that if unhappy, work on yourself first!

The old lady who complained too much

A charming story about learning to say thank you instead of complaining


To really learn, you have to study every day, not just on special days;
Learn about God every day, not just on Sunday

Christmas Tinsel

A story about getting ready for Jesus and for Christmas